Chess Quest

The ultimate chess game for your iPhone

Chess quest is a simple and amazing game, designed for the iPhone. 

It is simple to understand, even for those who are not really good in playing chess, but also makes fun for advanced players.

The currently available lite version already contains numerous challenging quests.

The aim of the game is to take all the peaces from the board, up to one figure, whereas you need to take one of them in each move.

To make the quest more challenging, you can collect scores for the quests. The weaker figure you use to hit, the more score you receive. Further more bonus scores are given each time you change the moving figure.

 This is just the very first version of this app, so there are many exciting improvements and new features scheduled for the next releases. Nevertheless, please do not hesitate to make suggestions and give us feedback. Yo can contact me per email under: tgergel at


The app can be downloaded in few days from the AppStore

If you have fun, please don't forget to give the app a good rating!

Designed by

Special thanks to Attila for designing the game.

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